Windows 7 Big Monitor, High Resolution Wallpapers Download

Everybody likes to personalize to personalize their system so that they can make it look different as compared to other systems and moreover people hate monotonous daily life so they always want something to be changed in their system like wallpaper screensaver or any other feature in their appearance. Today we have got a great collection of wallpapers which might help you to personalize your system to the way you always wanted. In this post I will be telling you about the new collection of wallpapers which were seen in the MSDN blog.


The snapshot shown above some of the wall papers which you will find in the package, now before going further let me tell you that this wallpapers are downloaded from the MSDN blog and none of them is a natural scenario rather they have been made by Mike Swanson so it seems that all the wallpapers are the part of one or the other high resolution wallpapers. As you can see that some of them are part of different beautiful flowers and some of them are the part of different plants and trees, similarly some of them have animated.

You must have observed in the snapshot that they are available in different resolutions so they have been specially designed for your laptops also, the collection is good and you will prefer to see all of them on your desktop one by one. They are available in the zipped pack in three different resolutions; you can download this collection form the link provided below. So go for using these wallpapers and then let us know about your experience do tell us about the wallpapers which you liked out of all of them.

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Download Wallpaper [ Thanks IntoWindows ]


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