Windows 7 Autumn, Lightning Themes

Everyone of us has different taste and likings. So, we all like to personalize our computer looks and settings accordingly to have a feeling that its mine. Also, we keep an important eye on our wallpapers and themes so that whenever any other person see it, he/she get to know about our taste.

Also, some of us are so dynamic that they cannot stick to one wallpaper or theme for more than a week. Although, for windows vista and xp, you will find hundreds of wallpapers and themes when you will search for it. But, for windows 7 users, there are only limited number of themes available which is one of the reason that people are a bit hesitant in using windows 7 for their computers apart from its new and unique features.

Considering this, Microsoft is working hard in this direction and is launching new themes in its gallery continuously to give its users a chance to choose a theme according to their likings. We have always updated you with all the launched themes for your convenience. Last launch was the best of bing themes and 6 new themes by Microsoft.

And, now Microsoft has launched 2 new themes – Eerie Autumn and Lightning.

Eerie Autumn is all about ghosts and haunted places. It comes with new 15 high resolution wallpapers which will give your desktop a new look. It will be a fun for the people who like to scare  others with their smart tactics.

Here are some samples of few of the wallpapers of this theme.



Lightning theme shows various patterns of lightning in its new 14 wallpapers. These wallpapers can not be seen anywhere and are worth giving a try for giving your desktop an entire new look for few days.

The samples of this theme are shown below.



Hope these 2 wallpapers will be a perfect taste for some of the readers. But, others do not get upset because we will keep you updated about new themes from which you can choose your perfect one.

Download Eerie Autumn

Download Lightning

Also, check out more themes in our windows 7 themes section.

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