Windows 7 Angry Birds Theme With High Resolution Wallpapers, Sounds and Icons

We have previously posted about a cool windows 7 angry birds rio movie theme, angry birds is no doubt a great game which many us loves, and so apply angry birds theme on our windows it will look more beautiful. Just in case if you don’t know about the angry birds game read the wikipedia page on it here

This time angry birds theme not only comes with great colors but it also has around 20 high resolution wallpapers for setting as desktop background, it also comes with 3 additional sounds schemes as per angry birds game, and it has four angry birds based icons for computer, network, recycle bin and one for theme creator.

Below are some screenshots after applying the theme on our windows 7 theme, as per our review the wallpapers of this theme are really awesome and gives the feeling of angry bird game every time you see them.

4-13-2011 12-34-54 PM4-13-2011 12-34-40 PM4-13-2011 12-34-27 PM4-13-2011 12-33-42 PM 

You can download the theme from here. In order to copy the wallpapers only from this them pack just change the extension and then extract the wallpapers out of the zip archive or follow this trick to copy all the wallpapers once you have installed the theme.

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