Windows 7 Aero Color As Per Desktop Background Wallpaper Color

Today I have got a software for you named Aero Adjuster which will let you change the color of the wallpaper to fit the wallpaper that you will change. The application will allow you to restore your changes to the original or the previous changes as well if you don’t like the them.

The Windows 7 operating system already has a built in wallpaper changer which will allow you to pick the wallpapers that you want to rotate automatically on your desktop. Earlier user had to use third party software’s to implement that functionality, but now it is built in the Windows 7 operating system. The upcoming Windows 8 operating system will sync the operating systems Aero color with the primary desktop background color. In case of Windows 7 wallpaper the color of the wallpaper and Aero is completely different. The application will adjust the Aero color automatically whenever you will change the wallpaper of your system. The application can be downloaded and then the exe file can be extracted from the ZIP file. Now in order to run the application just double click on the exe file. As soon as the application will launch it will modify the Aero Color to match the desktop background. This process is automatic and doesn’t require any interaction from the user.

Aero adjuster 1

This is the options window which will open when you will right click on the application which after being installed sits in the system tray. Whenever you will change the wallpaper of your computer or laptop using the windows menu by going to Personalize option. The taskbar of your computer or laptop will automatically adjust its color according to color of the wallpaper. You will not have to make any setting you will only have to run this application once you log into your windows system and then this software will automatically change the color of the taskbar every time the wallpaper on the system will change. The application will not change back to the old color automatically. The application will switch back to the old color if you will close the application. You also have an option to restore the old color from the Application using the Restore original Aero color. You can also adjust the color of the taskbar based on the part of the image from which it is taken which can be Entire image, Top left, Top center, Top right, Middle right, Middle center, Middle right, Bottom left, Bottom center and Bottom right. This feature is still in its Beta phase.

Download Aero Adjuster.

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