Win Microsoft Windows 7 Star Challenge On Facebook & Become Windows 7 Premier Club Member

Microsoft India have introduced a contest on its official fan page i.e. Windows And Me on Facebook. This is a play way method for rewarding true Windows enthusiasts out there. Upon winning the contest winner will be eligible to join the prestigious Windows 7 Premier club on the Windows And Me community on Facebook.

Contest will involve 7 questions around Windows 7 features within time limit. When you start the contest, answer to each question is timed and person has to answer each question correctly as fast as possible to win. With each correct answer person gets a star and to win the contest you need 7 stars.

If an individual have been reading about Windows 7  regularly then winning the contest for him/her would be very easy. In case you are not sure whether you are ready or not click on Just Play to test your knowledge by answering 7 questions and also you can read answers to each one at the end in case you get any wrong answer. It’s like a warm up match before the game that counts.

Apart from contest it’s a nice way to learn more about Windows 7. While playing you will get to know different features of Windows 7 that you might be unaware of. For example Jumplist which gives easy access to your favorite pictures, songs, websites, and documents.

Entry to this contest is pretty simple. All you have to do is to Like Windows And Me page on Facebook.

Windows & Me

Once you become fan. You will see a contest page on your screen with two options Just Play or Enter the Contest. Click on anyone as it won’t start the contest.

Windows & Me 1

Once you click on either of them you will be asked for permission to allow application to access your information. Just click Allow to land on contest page.

Windows & Me 2

After giving application the required permissions you are ready to play the contest. Now select the option of your choice. Either warm up by clicking on Just Play or directly start the contest by clicking on Enter the Contest.

Windows & Me 3

After playing the contest you can publish your score or can challenge your friends to it. What are you waiting just go ahead and play the contest to check your Windows Quotient.

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