When I Run CCleaner Lost All The Previously Opened Tabs In Google Chrome, Firefox and Other Browsers

CCleaner is no doubt one the best software to manage windows pc and make it run faster by removing the temporary files and other software, but some of users experience some of smaller but important issues after installing and running ccleaner.

One such issue is that, as ccleaner erases the browsing history of internet browsers like google chrome, internet explorer it does erase the last  browsing session as well by default which makes users lose the tabs which were opened last time in internet browsers like google chrome, internet explorer and firefox.

In order to fix this issue, you just need to make sure that it does not erase the browsing session for these internet browsers – so uncheck the option which says session under browser name in ccleaner under applications tabs as shown in the image below.

uncheck session in ccleaner 

[ Via HowToGeek ]

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