What You Should Do To Prevent Gmail Getting Hacked

In one of my previous article about the threats related to cyber cafe I mentioned many of the measures which should be kept in mind if you want to work there in the most secured manner and there in I mentioned about all the possible threats which may trap you. Google introduced a feature concerning about the same threats and this feature is known as security checklist. Google has marked certain initiative which should be made by an user in order to keep his/her account completely safe and secure.


You can have a look at this security check by clicking the link mentioned below or you may have a glance at it by looking at the snapshot shown below. This checklist has been created in mind keeping all the threats like phishing, Brute Force, Malware and few more. They have made sure that once the checklist is completed you will not have to worry about the security of your account.

The checklist has been divided into 5 groups, where in firstly your computer is checked on the basis of the regular updates for your operating system, anti-virus and the regular scanning of your system for the detecting of viruses on your system. Secondly they checked the browser, you will have to make sure that the browser is up to date and all the plug-ins used by that browser do not leak the data of your account or I should say that if there is any plug-in which alerts you whenever a mail arrives in the inbox, then make sure that plug-in is working fine.

Now thirdly it comes to the setting of your Gmail account, make sure that you regularly change the password of your account and you also have check on the recovery options of your account. Make sure to see the list of the website who are allowed to access your account. So, that next time you do not give your user ID and password on any other website. Fourthly make sure to check about any abnormal activity performed in your mail as it may give you a hint about the hacking of your account and then please check the connection used for accessing internet is secure.

Then lastly you will be suggested about some of the mandatory points which should be kept in mind like you should only check the ‘Stay signed in’ when you are using your personal computer. Always remember to sing out before closing the browser. Never share your password with any one and some more similar points are mentioned there. We will be sharing the these news continuously and we will also be expecting your support in improving the content, please make sure that you add your suggestions in the comments section. Keep Reading Have a nice day!!!!

Go check out gmail security check list here


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    Hi! I think most of the hacking being done is not the actual hacking but infact Social Engineering or Phishing. People fall prey and end up loosing their username/passwords. This can not be termed as hacking. The only way is to educate people to be able to guard themselves against Social Engineering but when people are still using IE6, its a bit difficult to get this going.

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