What Is Compatibility View Mode In IE9 & How Does It Help ?

Have you ever encountered to load a broken or badly designed or coded website in your browser, IE 8 and IE9 are made to load such websites in compatibility view mode, the easiest way to know whether a website is loaded in compatibility view is to check the compatibility view on the right of the address bar in IE as shown in the image below.

What is Compatibility View In IE   ?

Websites that were designed for earlier versions of Internet Explorer might not display correctly in the current version included in Windows 7. When you turn on Compatibility View, the webpage you’re viewing, as well as any other webpages within the website’s domain, will be displayed as if you were using an earlier version of Internet Explorer.

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if the above pointed symbol is broken that means the website need to be loaded in compatibility to render correctly inside IE, you can easily select to reload the website in compatibility view mode and then it will render correctly.

Enable Compatibility View Mode In IE

In order to select the compatibility view mode, go to tools >> compatibility view and click it to enable it.


You can also add some websites to the compatibility view list, go to in the Compatibility View Settings (Alt –> Tools –> Compatibility View Settings).

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