Webservice To Send SMS, Emails On Upcoming Date, Time

In this hectic schedule of yours it really becomes to remember the birthday dates of all your colleagues, friends and your family members. You may happen to remain one or two, but its really difficult to remember all of them and if do not wish your dear one, then he will obviously get annoyed at you and there are chances that you end up wasting lots and lots of time in convincing them or asking sorry for your stupid mistake.

So, today I will be telling you about a web service with the help of which you can easily tackle this problem by scheduling your birthday message on different days and the name of this web service is Future Message. Now just select the first day of your month and then type the messages for the birthday of all your dear ones, whose birthday is in that month or if you want to get rid of tension for along time, then you can schedule the messages for a longer period of time and then need not to worry forgetting birthdays as from now on all the scheduled message will be send to that particular recipient on that particular day and thus you have wished that person on his or her birthday.

Now this web service offers you to send messages in different ways. You can send message in form of text message or you can send the message in form of a mail or you can tweet that birthday message. While going for the SMS option you will have to give the cell number and then the service provider of the cell which will be receiving that message. The second option of Twitter asks your twitter User ID and password to tweet that birthday wishes.

This web service claims that it is highly secure and it will not do anything wrong with your user account and it promises to maintain the privacy. The third option of mail is also similar to the first option, please note that messages will not be by your e-mail ID, so please do not forget to mention your name in the message while choosing this option, as they will be sending it from their own e-mail ID as a part of advertisement. Do not make that message too long. Once you send the message it is queued in the database and when the date is approached the message is released.

Atleast, I will be the one who will be constantly using this site and then it will be very easy for me to remember the birthdays. I hope that this post helped you to chip off a serious problem from your shoulders.

You can visit the site here.

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