Change Windows Colors Theme With Weather

Most of us like to change our looks with the changing weather. The new weather brings some freshness in every one’s life so, people usually make some changes in their living way may be because of need or just giving a new look. Just like others, some computer users also like to change their computer windows look depending on the changing weather. Many of us use different themes for that.

But some people cannot decide what to choose exactly. Also there are people who want to have an idea what is today’s weather and temperature by just having a look on their screen.

So, considering all these things, there is a freeware called AeroWeather which changes your windows Aero Color depending on how the temperature is or how is the weather outside.

AeroWeather is a nice application which changes your windows Aero Color based on temperature or weather. The utility is compatible with windows 7 and vista. This software is designed to work with the ‘glass’ effect as well. When you will install this application, it will stay in the system tray with this icon.


At first, it asks you to fill either your location or pin code to have an idea about the temperature and weather. You can check the validation of your location using the option ‘validate’. Then, you have to make a choice whether you want the aero colors according to temperature or weather.

The application also provides you the option of color temperature range in which you can set the minimum and maximum value according to your desire. Apart from this, it also provides you the option of ‘Night mode’. It dims the Aero colors when the sun sets which makes colors appear dimmer and less vibrant and vice versa.


Now, after setting has been made, it will change the aero color accordingly. If it is grey then, the weather is cloudy, blue then, its sunny, white if it’s snowing, dark grey if it’s raining and many more. Here is a snapshot for both temperature and weather based colors.



In short, the AeroWeather is a nice and simple application which will help you give your windows a fresh look without changing your theme. So, i will suggest you to give it a try. Its worth it. Have a nice day…!!! :)

Download AeroWeather

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