Ways To Stop Youtube Video Autoplay On Video Page, Channels & Playlists

There are times when you may want to open multiple youtube videos, but surely you don’t want them to play them all at the same time, you should stop youtube video autoplay by clicking pause on every video after opening their pages. As youtube by default plays every video which you open in a background in browser tab, now the situation becomes very annoying when all these videos in the background starts to play as sounds is getting mixed from each video which sounds like a crap.

Stops YouTube Video Autoplay

After some searching I found out that there is possible solution to this problem by installing some extension or scripts in different internet browsers like google chrome, firefox or opera etc. The most simple way to disable youtube video autoplay on single video page or under youtube playlist is to install the youtube enhancer script which lets you prevent autoplay youtube video. On the other hand Yousable Tubefix is another script which works for firefox with greasemonkey, get it here and for opera you can get it from here, for google chrome you can get it from here

If you are specifically looking for some extensions then there are available for google chrome and firefox.

Stop Youtube Autoplay In Google Chrome

Stops YouTube autoplay is an extension for google chrome which turn off autoplay also stop the pre-buffering of the video, which is crucial for computers with slow internet connection or this could save you from wasting your internet bandwidth. Some other similar plugins for google chrome are Stop Autoplay in Background Tabs – with this extension, videos only start playing when you actually select its tab. You’ll never have to worry about videos autoplaying in the background. Another one called Youtube Autoplay Disabled – It disables Youtube autoplay. Videos don’t just play. You have to click. Anywhere on the page. There is no pre-buffering. Just works on the video page. Channels, etc. will still play video.

Stop Youtube Autoplay In Firefox

In case of firefox you can use the extensions like TubeStop disables the autoplay on YouTube videos embedded on non-YouTube.com sites like myspace, some other websites like blogs and personal website. The other similar extension is StopAutoPlayingAlready by Howtogeek, or go for this extension called stop autoplay or install a userscript called youtube prevent autoplay with greasemonkey in firefox.

If the above ways don’t help in your case, try watching the video below which tells you how to disable youtube video autoplay.

We hope you find this article helpful, please leave comments if you have some things related to say or if none of the above ways helped you to prevent autoplay of youtube video in the internet browser you use.

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