Watch Youtube Videos On Slow Speed Internet Connection Without Buffering, Time Delay or Breakage

If you are working with data card on your system or is you have got a slow internet connection at your home then it becomes really tedious for you to enjoy YouTube, because the video over YouTube take some considerable amount of time to open in your browser, but let me tell you that this problem can be solved without even using any of the tools or any extension. In this post I will tell you about another version of YouTube which can be used to view videos easily over slow internet connection.




YouTube Feather, it is the light version of the main YouTube page with some of the feature missing on the screen, the mentioned to that version of YouTube Feather has been mentioned below, you will just have to visit that and then change the version of YouTube for you. You can see the difference in the screenshot of the usual YouTube page and the lighter version of that site. You can observe that comments functionality has been removed and moreover the length of the similar videos playlist has also been shortened on the Feather version. You will also see a message to make it permanent or default page for the YouTube on your IP, if you feel comfortable while working with that then you can mark it as permanent.

The page seems to be very simple as compared to the usual version YouTube. When I logged on to this page to see the videos then I must say that I never visualized any of those circular frills which can be seen every time when the video starts, but here on the lighter version you will not see them at all. Google claims that this version of YouTube has been specially designed to increase the latency and the response time for the videos on the server.

For high speed internet users it might be possible to pick out the difference in the loading of the videos but for the average and low speed internet users can easily feel the difference as they will not wait longer for the videos to get buffered. Just try this version of YouTube and let us know about your experience.

Switch ON YouTube Feather

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