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Youtube is one website which every computer user looks upto when it comes to watching videos online. This website is the most popular one and is sophisticated in a way that it provides you videos with almost every possible title which one can think of.

Watching Youtube videos every time on the website itself is a sort of trouble and to which various software developers answered by developing numerous utilities and addons for your operating systems and web browsers, to make watching videos more convenient.

Lets not forget the fact that you or me or any other person would always wish to watch videos in a more convenient way and if possible on an entirely new and innovative interface, which would not be similar to the actual website. A new interface would mean a better one, with better search facility and other features.

Minitube Youtube Client

All those people who rather prefer other operating systems like Ubuntu, Mac OS, Linux over the Windows now have an opportunity to watch youtube videos online through a new Youtube Client called Minitube. You can call it a revolutionary utility for such video purposes as it comes with a number of amazing features.

Let us read what the official webpage contains about this client, “Minitube is a native YouTube client. With it you can watch YouTube videos in a new way: you type a keyword, Minitube gives you an endless video stream. Minitube does not require the Flash Player”

So as you have read above this native client enables you to search all sorts of videos that to at the search of a few keywords. Another very important fact is that Minitube doesn’t need flash player to play your videos which is really cool and makes you experience a TV like interface with best possible quality.

Unique Features Of Minitube

  • Ability to play Full HD (1080p) videos
  • Ability to copy the YouTube link and the video stream URL to the clipboard
  • Fixed videos failing to play
  • Fixed missing caret in the search box
  • Better toolbar and icon theme integration on Linux with Qt >= 4.6
  • Completely removed tooltips
  • Romanian translation by Ovidiu Niţan
  • Greek translation by Giorgos Skettos
  • Dutch translation by Brian Keetman
  • Arabic translation by Sderawi
  • Portuguese translation by Daniel Rodrigues
  • Finnish translation by Jesse Jaara
  • Bulgarian translation by Tsvyatko Makazchiev

We would like all you users to download this client and use it so that you experience a very different thing targeted at providing you entertainment.

Download Youtube Client Minitube

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