Watch Youtube Video In Full Resolution With Browser Toolbars [Google Chrome]

The video sharing on youtube is liked by almost all of us. Youtube is our first preference to search for any video. A large number of viewers prefers to view in the different resolutions available. We generally like to view it in the enlarged mode. But sometimes it is difficult for certain videos to adjust the size. We have to end up with the full screen mode. But it is probably inconvenient as you cannot handle the other processes then. So, Window Expander For Youtube is a wonderful google chrome extension to overcome the issue.

The expander will be located in the address bar as shown in the snapshot below. It will expand the video such that the video is best fit to the maximum size in the browser.


The snapshot below will show you the video after expansion. The same icon will be automatically changed to shrink the size of the video. So, you can easily expand as well as keep a watch on other functions under process.


This extension is wonderful specially for the cases when we want the best possible resolution within the browser. Now, you need not to check for different sizes every time you start a new video. Just click on the Window Expander and your problem will be solved.

One of the best things about the tool is that it is displayed only in the address bar when it has to expand the youtube video. For other internet surfing or any other work the icon will not be displayed and create any kind of inconvenience.

Unlike other chrome extensions it has some additional options also. Go to the extensions and use options.


You will have the following options. You can define the quality level as none, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p. You may define whether the defined quality is required in the expanded mode only. You may choose to auto pause or expand on the startup.


A major problem with the extension is that the video have to be buffered again after the expansion. So, either the user has to make sure that the expander has been clicked as soon as the video starts buffering or choose the Expand on Startup in options. Even if it is used while the video is playing, you have to start the video again. Also, the video does not shrink to the original page after it has been completed. You have to shrink it back to the original page.

You may go through the video shown below to have a better understanding about how to use the video.

Install Window Expander For Youtube

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