Watch New Latest Movie On YouTube Every Month From Now

India is a nation of movie buffs and Bollywood movies is almost the synonym for the word ‘entertainment’ for majority of people here. So, the must have strike to the Google team and they are here with this important development. The movie channel is live at

This entirely new movie channel where you’ll be able to watch a new blockbuster movie every month, is an addition to the full-length Indian movies that have been available on YouTube for quite some time now.

YouTube Box Office provides :

  • Indian viewers an opportunity to watch the new and popular Bollywood movies in full HD (1080p) from anywhere. You don’t need a credit card, movies never expire and all you need is a decent Internet connection and a browser with Flash player (apologies to iPad users).
  • Producers of the movies, all the advertising dollars that Google must be sharing with the them. So they can feel lucky.

Its a Win-win situation for both the movie viewers and the advertisers. Unlike any other video on YouTube, these movies include 15-second video ads that play after every 10 minutes of the movie. Thus, a 2-hour long movie (Indian films are often longer) can easily have 10-12 ad breaks and you cannot skip, pause or hide these ads. Good for advertisers and the viewers won’t necessarily mind these short ads.

The Box Office channel is sponsored by Intel. YouTube India had earlier partnered with Reliance Big Picture to showcase Salman Khan starrer Dabangg on YouTube – the experiment was mostly a success but the movie is no longer available on YouTube.

Click on this link to watch Band Baaja Baraat, released Online Only On YouTube - Watch Full Movie In High Quality And Enjoy.


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