Watch Live Coverage Video iPhone OS 4.0 Event Online On 8th April

Yes, the news is now official apple is going to showcase iPhone OS 4.0 on 8th April 10, however there has been many speculations around iPhone OS 4.0 Features, like it will have multi touch, multi tasking, better UI, new way to sync etc.

This event by apple for iPhone OS 4.0 is called Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS This event is not going be live streamed, and not every one can attend this event as apple is very selective in inviting the media and some tech blogs.

Following are the list of blogs that would be covering the event in the form live blogging, following are links to their

1. CNet

2. Gizmodo

3. Engadget

4. Wired

We have got this list of blogs at BlogsDNA, if you get to know more sources we will update the list of blogs where you can watch live updates for apple iPhone 4.0 OS Event.

However if you are active in twitter, you can follow our apple news dedicated twitter account – getmeapp to get latest updates live from iPhone OS 4.0 Event and you can follow the hashtags like #apple #iphone4.0 #os4.0 to get real time updates and comments.

Update: We just go to know some more source, where you can live stream the event

5. GDGT Live:

6. Engadget

7. MacRumors

8. ArsTechnica

9. Twit.TV

10. Livetechevents

11. Crunchgear:

PS: Last night I wrote this article, but forgot to mention the source, as I was sleepy when I wrote this article.

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