Watch India’s First and Largest Domino Installation Live About Ford EcoSport Journey

Ford India has organized the India’s first and largest Domino Installation by the Cologne Domino Team who will unveil the the state of the art in-car smart technology, SYNC and the award winning 1.0L EcoBoost Engine with more than 120,000 dominoes built in a dramatic installation. Started in 2005 with just 300 dominoes, the CDT has showcased several breakthrough performances with 177,414 dominoes toppling in over 7 minutes being their best so far.

This is going to happen in Delhi, Saket – Select City Walk in next one hour, this event will be hosted by RJ Mantra, who is also the host for pre-launch campaign EcoSport Urban Discoveries that has received an overwhelming response from our online community. To get an idea about what you are going to see, watch the video below.

This event will be live streamed for all online viewers, the stream will be live by 6:15 pm today, you can watch it here through video stream below.

Do let us know how do you like the largest domino installation for india, use the comment section below.

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