Vote For Me In AMD Vision Challenge And Win Prizes, Enhance Your Knowledge About Processors

As some of you may know, I have been a participant of AMD Vision Challenge since some time, thanks for all those who voted for me, and make me win phase 1, and now the phase 2 has been started and now I am competing on a global level with finalists from other countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Russia – see this page for see all the contestants in final round. I am representing my proud India and with all your support in terms of vote I can win this time as well.

What do I need to do ?

As per AMD Vision Technology Challenge in which I am supposed to educate my friends and followers with the best of my knowledge about processors, graphic processors. So shoot your questions about processors on this facebook page which I created to help my friends and family to help them with their queries related to processors. Check out the facebook page here

Once you get enough information about computer processors from me, you can vote for me at the link below and you will need to answer a quiz in which questions are given on AMD Vision processor technology.

vote for abhi

You can vote for me at the link below.

What Do I Need from You ?

VOTES, but In order to reward my friends who get time to vote for me, I will be giving away some prizes irrespective I win or lose the AMD Vision Challenge. I will be giving away several prizes at the end of the competition, irrespective I win or lose the competition, I will give away 1 Spy Camera Pen which does video recording, 5 16 Gb USB Pen Drives, 1 Android Robo USB Portable Speaker, 1 Android Robo Pen Drive and lots more other gadgets as well.

You can also invite your friends to vote for me, more of your friends who vote for me – more are your chances to win the above prizes – at the end after 29 Nov 2011 and Before 1 Dec 2011 mail me all the email ids of your friends who voted for me, so that I can confirm the valid email ids who voted for me, and more are your friends whom you referred more are your  chances to win the first prize.

Grand Prize: One Random Person Who Vote For Me Will Win a new “iPhone 3gs” if I win the final Round.

Thanks for voting in Phase 1 I won the first round now, Please vote for me at this page here or copy this link

Some Information That Will Help You In The AMD Vision Challenge Quiz

You can vote for me at the link below.

To know more about vision technology challenge check out the link below.

To see other challengers from other countries check out the link below.

What Is A Processor?

An electronic circuit which executes computer programs, containing a processing unit and a control unit

What Is Graphics Processor Unit (GPU)?
A graphics processing unit or GPU (also occasionally called visual processing unit or VPU) is a specialized circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory in such a way so as to accelerate the building of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display. GPUs are used in embedded systems, mobile phones, personal computers, workstations, and game consoles.

What is VISION Technology from AMD?
VISION makes you more you. With VISION Technology from AMD featuring the new A–Series APU, you can enjoy smooth, streaming movies in stunning HD. Video chat with far-away family and friends or watch the game-winning goal in crystal-clear 1080p. Edit images and videos like a pro. Discover a fire-breathing, lifelike world of gaming. VISION Technology gives you the power to do what you love and be more you in Brilliant HD.

Some other resources that might help you to better to take the quiz while voting for me.

Visit (and like) the AMD Facebook page

Read more about VISION Technology to answer the quiz questions better.

learn more about AMD Fusion Family of APUs

Apart from all this I have also written a free Ebook on computer processors technology and how AMD has played a vital role and also told about how AMD has been coming with some great technology innovations like APU which is Accelerated Processing Unit, the ebook more information around the quiz questions which you need to answer when you vote for me.

Ebook Snapshot, with reason Why I wrote the ebook.

ebook computer processors amd vision challenge

Download that ebook from the link below.

Still if you have any question or doubt about answering any question in the AMD Vision Challenge.

On Twitter

You can follow my twitter updates with the on the following hashtag #voteforabhi, shout me any of your questions on AMD new vision technology or about anything related to this contest.

On Facebook

In order to help more people, about the quiz questions, I have also created a facebook page as Information About Processors, I would request you to like the page to keep a track over my updates related to AMD Vision Challenge and technology, which can help you score better in the quiz and you have more chances of winning the prizes by me.

I hope you enjoy the knowledge sharing with me about processors till this contest continues and excited to win the prizes and the grand prize if I win this competition, all the best to you.

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