VLC Official App For Android [Coming Soon]

I am here again here with a great news for all the Android, not only but it’s a great news for me also. You must have heard about VLC. VLC is the most popular Open Source tool which can be used to run videos. Honestly speaking I always see this tool whenever I see anyone’s system. All the Android users will be able to use this tool within few weeks. In this post I will be discussing more about this tool.


Now you must be wondering that why VLC did not take this initiative earlier. They have already released their versions for iOS, MAC, Linux and Windows then why they have not released any version for the most popular mobile OS. Well they have a valid answer for this question. They have always been working for releasing their version for Android. Android is the best mobile OS till date and you will find huge number of applications for Android on most of the mobile websites. VLC has been struggling with a problem while developing their version for Android and they continued to stuck with that problem even after so many upgrades but now when the specifications of the devices running this OS has been upgraded to a certain limit, VLC has overcome this problem and they have claimed that they will be releasing the version of Android within next few weeks.

I hope that once this tool comes, you will not need any other video player for your mobile as it has been most reliable video player for our systems and I hope that they will try to maintain their reputation for mobile applications also. Now we can just wait patiently for that tool.

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