VistaUACMaker – Make XP Based Programs and Applications Compatible With Vista and Windows 7

VistaUACMaker [ via Life Rocks 2.0 ] is a free application which can help you make windows xp based applications and programs to run with proper compatibility in vista and windows 7. As vista has introduced a new feature called UAC ( User Account Control ) which controls the way and permissions on different users to execute applications on your computer.

In order to make any application as per vista and windows 7 complaint, the manifest file of the application should contain some information which provide the privileges required by the application and UI Interaction of application.

There are 3 types of privileges that can be mentioned in the manifest file.

  • requireAdministrator : Run as administrator
  • asInvoker : Run as same privilege as parent process
  • highestAvailable : Run with highest privilege available for user

Here is how you can use this utility to provide the necessary privileges to the program 

Just run the utility and browse the executable of the program of xp which you want to run in vista or windows 7.

In just 3 steps, your application can be made to run on Vista or Windows 7

1. Select the application using Select browse button.

2. Set one of the privilege required for your application from selection box [ mainly Administrator [ requireAdministrator ]

3. Check the "Yes" button if your application interacts with high privilege applications on UI level in vista.


4. Click on "Make It" button, that’s it done. Now you can run this application in vista or windows 7

Download VistaUACMaker

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