Install Windows 7 or Vista Start Menu In Windows XP

ViStart is a free program which will convert your boring looking xp start menu to the amazing looking vista start menu, it comes with all those features of vista start menu like search programs right away from start menu, fading menu icons and also have Multilanguage support for non english users


ViStart menu skin looks exactly like windows vista start menu and it also supports third party skins made at deviantart.

Some Key Features Of ViStart Menu For XP

1. Launch Programs Faster With ViStart Menu

2. Find Files more faster and easier with ViStart Menu

3. It Provides the cool looking skin of windows vista with 3rd party skin support embedded

4. Fading Menu Icons just like in windows vista

Note: The downloading link given below is the link to the beta version of the program

Download ViStart Menu for XP


  1. Umar says

    This sometimes hangs the explorer and explorer.exe has to be restarted Also if option of starting with windows is chosen ,it makes the computer slow as this is a heavy software

  2. Jay says

    Another alternative way to get some Vista / Windows 7 start menu functions on Xp for free without 3rd party:

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