Virtual Drives Manager – Create Virtual Drives For Frequently Used Folders In Windows

It could a case that you want to access some most frequently used folders more easily and faster, We have covered a simple utility which can mount any folder by assigning a drive letter similarly today we are reviewing another free program called Virtual Drives Manager. This program works with windows 7 too


Virtual Drives Manager creates a symbolic link to a folder and present it as drive in my computer, Drives that are created with Virtual Drives Manager will stay even after you will restart your system, and you can quickly remove them with Virtual Drives Manager.

After assigning the drive letter to the folder it will instantly appear in my computer with other drives, but the name of the virtual drive created will be same as the Operating System Drive.

Note: You cannot change the name of the virtual drive, so better remember the drive letter associated to the folder [ as shown in the image ]


Download Virtual Drives Manager 

PS: Here is more geeky way to Assign Drive Letters to your Frequently Used Folders in Windows [ The Same Tip Explained Above ] by Amit Aggarwal

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