View Used Hard Disk Space Details On Mac OS X

No matter how big a hard disk you have, it always tends to get full with junk – stuff that you don’t need anymore, or maybe you think you need it but will never come around to open or use. This wastes space on your hard disk that would otherwise be available to you for storing more of the stuff you want for immediate use.

While the problem is not the fault of the system, it is something that is related to human psyche. By being a little careful, you can most certainly control the growth of such cluttering files, but you cannot completely remove it. Clean-up programs may help you out by removing a few hundred MBs of space that are hogged by temporary cache files or files that are no longer required by the system, but the actual space hog are the movies, music, games and other large data files that you no longer use.

To help you free space taken up by such files, DaisyDisk, an app for Mac OS X generates a beautiful and interactive map of your volumes, so that you can see very clearly and easily which files are taking up space on your hard disk.

On launch, DaisyDisk lists all volumes that are mounted on your system – local or network. You can choose any one to scan. The scanning can take a while, especially if the volume is big or highly fragmented, but once the scan process is over, all navigation is blazing fast.

The scanned drive is displayed as a sunburst map – the various directories and files inside a directory are displayed as circular sectors, and their length is dependent on their size. Thus, a bigger file/folder is represented as a longer arc. Clicking on the sector for any directory immediately creates another complete map, with the selected directory as its root. Thus, you can completely navigate into a folder and its sub-folders, and find out what is taking up all the space. The total size of the current directory is displayed at the centre, while hovering the cursor on any sector in the map will display its data in the right sidebar.

By navigating into folders that are taking up a lot of space, you are very likely to find junk files that can be removed to free space.

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