View Unread Messages, Calls & Emails On Lock Screen On Android Phone

At times and again you must have faced situations where you were not near your phone when it rang and notified of an incoming call ,email or message. After taking your phone in your hands you will have to search for all these important missed calls and emails and messages separately. Isn’t that unwanted since everyone would love to see all such missed stuff right on the lock screen.

If you an android user then do not get disappointed as you have just found the solution to the above problem. The android market has added yet another very useful application called as Missed It which lets you get notified with all the important things mentioned above.


What are the unique features of Missed It?

  • Reports of unread emails, sms and missed calls
  • The widget feature is available in different sizes so the user can slect accordingly
  • Numbers are represented as text
  • Customization available for the background colour, font and transparency
  • Screen alignment and padding i.e layout options
  • Customizing messages to show desired phrase


The image produced above tells you the customization options available with this app which include horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, text alignment, line padding, inner margin, and outer padding. Moreover the app is available in two languages English and Spanish. The only thing that might disappoint you a bit is that it comes at a price of Rs.32 but that isn’t much for such an amazing android app I guess.

Infact the response of the app has been good so far and with some upgraded versions down the line, the popularity is expected to rise. Now that you have become familiar with it , wasting no more time we would recommend you to add this very application to your android device and simplify tracking of unread and missed stuff.

Download Missed It – [Android Market]

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