View Twitter Followers On Android Phone Home Screen For A Twitter ID [Widget]

Twitter and Facebook are the most used websites in today’s date with countless users and with the immense charm that they have developed over the couple of years, the user count is still increasing. Both are social networking websites but are different in functionality and interface. On one side where Facebook allows users to groom their profile in every possible way, Twitter is very simple yet of great use.

On Facebook one has friend count while on Twitter the number of followers matter. Your twitter popularity is measured in terms of the number of followers you have as well as the number of people you are following. So far we have had dedicated app for Twitter on every possible mobile OS and recently for Android based phones a new widget has been introduced.

Twitter Followers Widget1Twitter Followers Widget2

The widget is extremely convenient to use and by entering the twitter username, one can see the person’s following and follower’s count. Although the small widget window looks simple enough, it is quite powerful as it lets you refresh the count and also access the twitter profile page in one tap.

Twitter Followers Widget5Twitter Followers Widget3

We will now tell you how to play around this widget. As you can see in the above image on the left hand side, every widget window carries one “t” bubble on the left top corner and an arrow on the right top corner. By tapping on the t bubble, the follower and following count is refreshed and in case you wish to go to the person’s profile page, tap on the arrow.

We believe it to be the most sought after widget with amazing usefulness and recommend you to download it as it is available for free on the android market.

Download Twitter followers widget – [Android Market]

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