View The Future Of All You Can Do With Windows 8

Windows 8 is coming and it looks like it will be a game changer in the world of computing as now, you don’t only use windows 8 on a PC but you can take to out with on portable machines like tablets and these tablets will be called as windows 8 tablet. Oh yes you will be able to do things on windows 8 for the first time by just touching the screen and enjoy the complete multimedia experience without compromising the personal required computing on a tablet on the go.

Excited ? Take a look at the video below to get the preview of what all you can do on a windows 8 tablet or pc in upcoming future.

Any questions, please read our existing article on windows 8 and other windows 8 tips or tricks, still you have something to say or ask, please leave a comment at the end of this post. 

[ Via Dr. Z’s Blog ]

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