View Subtitles and Captions On Any Youtube Video

There are times when you watch a youtube video in which you can’t understand the words spoken by the person in the video some times due to speed and some times due to bad accent. In order to help you watch these videos youtube has rolled out an experimental feature which allows you to transcribe the audio in the youtube video.


In order to transcribe the audio in the youtube video, move your mouse over the CC red color mark symbol on the youtube video frame as shown in the image above and then select Transcribe audio – to add captions and subtitles.


This new feature in youtube videos is experimental and uses google speech recognition technology to provide automated captions for any youtube video.

To change the caption settings including the font, its size and background color of the video, take your mouse over the red color cc symbol and then select Other settings.


We hope you to like these features, we just found these features pretty useful :) You can check out more youtube tips and tricks we have written before.


  1. subber says

    Hi all,
    Subber is a user generated subtitles platform which enables its users to search, share and watch specific quotes inside online videos.

    Our goals are to break language barriers, to expose content to wider audiences, to increase video distribution and to develop new means of creativity.

    With an integration of advanced technologies and friendly tools, Subber provides the accessibility for every user to add subtitles over online videos.

    And it’s for free!!!

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