Run Slideshow Of Photos From Different Disk Locations

Sometimes you have to view a slideshow of images but sometimes there may be a problem that the images for which you want to view the slideshow may be present at different locations. Today I have got an application named Simply Slideshow which will help you to view the slideshow of the images from different locations. The software will also allow you to view the slideshow of images from a single location.

The application will allow you to view all the images that are present in a single folder in the form of a slideshow which will show you the images after every specified interval of time and you will not get any transition or animation effects in the slideshow. The application is a freeware and is simple and easy to operate. The application can also add some effects to the slideshow using the options tab.

Simply Slideshow 1

This is the first screen which will open up when we will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application has two tabs i.e. Image Locations and Options.  The first tab Image locations has a window which contains a locations of the files and a button which says Start Slideshow. The Image Location tab contains the location of images whose slideshow you want to see. You can also drag and drop the images into this Image Locations windows so that it will contains all these images and whenever you want to see the slideshow you can see it. You can also remove any image from the window that you have selected but you don’t want in the slideshow by selecting the path of the image and pressing the delete button on the keyboard. The default path from which the pictures are selected is Users/Public/Pictures.

Simply Slideshow 2

This is the second tab of the Simply Slideshow software is the Options tab. The options tab has various options to modify the slideshow that you would view for the images that you have selected in the first tab. The various options available in the Options tab are Full Screen, Random Image Selection, Repeat Random Image, Show Background Image for (in seconds), Use Intelligent Image Selection, Avoid Screensaver, Minimum Image Size For Slideshow and Viewer Position. The Full Screen checkbox will make the Slideshow full screen. The Random Image Selection will select the image randomly from the images that you have selected. Repeat Random Image option will also repeat the images that you have selected. Show Background Image for (in seconds) option will display the image for the selected time period which can also be modified from the various options available to us. Minimum Image Size For Slideshow option will give you the option to specify the size of image for the slideshow. There is also a Reset To Default button to reset all the settings to default in case you mess up with them.

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