View Sender Person Picture In Gmail Received Mail

It is very common to have friends or colleagues with same name. Also, to keep in contact, they both will be in your contact list of Gmail account. It is very confusing while you have some work with one and you are in a hurry and can create a big problem sometimes. Yesterday, the same happened with me.

I have two person in my friend list with the same name, both from different places- office and college. And, by mistake in hurry, i forwarded an office mail to my friend instead of to my office colleague. Although to create distinction, i have added their surnames but when you are in a hurry, it doesn’t matter.

Though, later i realized my mistake and managed everything but it might have lead me in a big trouble at work. So, if there would have been an option of seeing a picture in mails then, it would have been a big relief and i would not have done the mistake i did.

Considering this issue, Google has come up with an extension called Gmail Sender’s Picture Extension which will show the sender’s profile picture if they have already set up a displayed picture from Gmail’s setting panel.

Although, while chatting on Gmail, you can see the photograph of the person, but on mails this option was not there. When you will install this extension, it will ask you the access to the data on You just have to select ‘Install’ and in just a few seconds. it will be installed in your system.


It will only create problem when run in incognito window because Google chrome will not be able to prevent this extension to save the browsing history in incognito window. So, take care of it.

This extension is designed for this specific task only. Before the installation of this extension, you will not be able to see the profile picture of the sender in your Gmail account just like this.


But, with this extension installed in your system, you can see the sender’s profile picture which will help you a lot and will not lead to confusion anymore just like this.


NOTE: You will have to refresh the Gmail page to see the effect after your first time install.

There are certain upcoming features in this extension:
Option Panel – Disable empty picture.
Option Panel – Use GAvartar whenever possible.

Download Gmail Sender’s Picture

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