View Saved Website Cookies On Your PC Using WebCookiesSniffer

All those users who have been using Internet for quite some time and who knows about working of websites and Internet, must be familiar with Cookies. We can say that Cookies are basically some small files which are stored on the computer whenever you access some websites and those websites put them on your computer’s hard disk drive whenever you visit those websites. The purpose behind these cookies are that they want to store your personal preferences and other data like user name, register products and services, and some of the personalize pages for the particular website that the user often visits. Sometimes you might not even know that what all cookies are stored on your computer and that too by which all websites. So, in order to have complete knowledge about these cookies and to save them on your hard disk, we recommend you a small utility which has been developed especially for this purpose.

WebCookiesSniffer is basically a small, easy to use and a pretty useful Windows utility, which has been developed and launched by Nirsoft. This particular utility has been especially developed for capturing all the cookies which have been saved on your computer by websites via browsers and applications, and then this application provide you with all the relevant information about the saved cookie, so that you may monitor what all data is saved through websites that you may have visited.


In order to try out this small utility, you may download it from the link given below and after downloading you may observe that except for a capture driver which is required for capturing network packets, no other installation process or additional DLL files are required by this application. Once launched you may see that it provides you a complete view of all the cookies saved in your computer, along with the information about the websites from which they have originated and also the location where they have been saved. If we further look into the working of the utility then we may observe that it just requires WinPcap Capture Driver or Network Monitor Driver from Microsoft to capture cookies in real time.


As said, you just need to download and run the executable file WebCookiesSniffer.exe from the below given link and then after running WebCookiesSniffer for the first time, you may observe that a ‘Capture Options’ window will appear on the screen and in this screen, user will be requested to pick a capture method and desired network adapter from the available methods. After selecting the network adapter and a capture method, this utility will automatically capture and display every cookie found in the data sent between your Web browser and the remote Web server, which is the purpose of this utility.

It can be seen that by using this utility, each cookie is displayed with its host name, length, path, count and string and once the user selects a cookie all of its values are displayed in the lower half of the screen, which may prove to be very useful in many cases. The user can even create HTML reports or save selected cookies as text, CSV or XML files so that this data can be used in future for further analysis.

Download WebCookiesSniffer

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