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One of the most used commands on PC is the Windows Run Command. This tool can be used to find a specified location, file or a folder in a very easy and simple manner and it is also used to enter commands by expert users to run system tools. It is a very useful tool but at the same time it is very difficult to remember so many commands and search addresses which you use in the run column. Normally a person using the PC uses the run command once or twice a day or more , depending on his needs and it is very hard to sometimes remember the exact command you were looking for when working on something important specially  when you are in hurry and ask me, it is quite frustrating .

Now, with Windows Run History editor you can view the last 26 entries which you have entered in the run dialogue box and it enables you to see all the important commands that you regularly use, it also lets you find out what all search addresses you have entered so that when you are searching for something important and you don’t know where exactly to look at, you get to know what all places you have searched earlier and then you don’t have to go there again hence saving your time.Also if you are searching for something that you had searched a two or three days ago and it exists in a very remote place in your hard disk drive, you don’t have to waste time in searching for it again or write the whole long link address again in order to search it.

Lets see how it looks like after running the software

run history

There is no need to install this tool and you can just use the .exe file whenever you feel like using it , so it does not add up to your list of installed programs hence it does not have any affect on performance of your computer. This tool is very light and does not take much time to load up hence is very effective when a person is in a hurry.  It shows a fixed list of 26 entries which you have put in the run command and it also allows you to copy paste in order you want to run a previously command again in the run box.

There is an option to Clear all data and start again if you want to save the run commands from a specific point also you can reload or save as well so that you don’t have to close and start the application again and again in order to refresh the data.

In our opinion this is a free, but very useful application which can be very useful to all the people who use the run command regularly and want to see the run entries saved by windows .It does not need installing hence is very effective and does not use much of the computers resources.It lets you see the MRU (most recently used) list of the windows run dialogue box and also lets you clear all the saved data if you want to.

Download Windows Run History Editor

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