View Recently Used Clippings, Snippets, Files code on Mac OS X with mySnippets

If you are a programmer, then you know how many ideas pop up in your head while you are writing code. You write something down, delete it, copy something from somewhere else, paste it somewhere. The next day you look for a part of the work you did yesterday. Usually, all these trivial activities waste a lot of time. mySnippets is a utility for OS X that aims to eliminate this time wastage.

mySnippets can automatically store your recently used Clippings, Snippets, Files, and Code and provide easy access to them when you want to look them up. It has a small icon that sits in the status bar. You can bring up its main window by clicking the status bar icon, and selecting ‘Toggle mySnippets’ from the drop-down menu, but you can also set a system wide keyboard shortcut to bring up mySnippets at any time. I use the shortcut Control + Cmd + M.

The Clippings panel automatically saves the contents of your clipboard. When you bring up the mySnippets window, the Clippings section will display the list of the recent contents of your clipboard in reverse chronological order. It provides you with handy buttons to quickly insert the highlighted item (at the current cursor position, in the currently active application), to copy it to the clipboard, to add it to the Snippets panel. It also provides you with a search box, so that you can search your clipboard history and quickly retrieve the clipping that you were looking for.

The Clippings section only stores a limited amount of recent clipboard items. When you have to re-use a particular snippet of text very often, it can be tedious to go back to the source again and again and copy it. What you can do to make your work easy, is that add such Clippings to the Snippets panel, by selecting them and clicking the ‘Add To Snippets’ button in the Clippings panel.

In the Snippets panel, you can organize your snippets into various groups, so in case you have a large number of snippets (which is not uncommon when dealing with coding of large applications), finding a particular snippet is easy. The Snippets panel too, include a search option for quick finding. Apart from converting clippings into Snippets, you can also manually add a snippet by clicking the + icon in the bottom toolbar.

The Recent Panel automatically records your recently accessed and lists them in reverse chronological order, for quick access. Like the other panels, this one too, has search (file names only). It also has an additional handy button for ‘quick look’ of the files.


This panel does the same job for the ‘Recent’ panel as the ‘Snippets’ panel does for the ‘Clippings’ panel. You can use it to manually store the files that you know are going to be used more often than others.

mySnippets is a shareware app, you can get the full, registered version for $10. This is not a big amount, but sounds absurd because mySnippets is still in beta (and not yet as polished as their other apps).

Download mySnippets (Shareware)

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