View, Read or Show Windows 7 Clipboard Contents and Data

Like Windows xp, you can’t easily access clipboard in windows 7 and vista. In case of windows xp you can easily access the windows clipboard by typing clipbrd in run prompt and press ok, this clipbrd.exe was located in C:\Windows\System32\clipbrd.exe is removed in windows 7 and vista.

In order to access windows 7 clipboard you will need to install third party programs Karen Clipboard Viewer or ClipMagic – both of these programs lets you access windows 7 and vista clipboard and their contents.

Karen Clipboard Viewer is a free to use application which allows you to view the contents of windows 7 clipboard, It lets you see copied text, copied images and other copied data.


This clipboard data viewer is quite basic in nature as it shows only the current copied data from the windows clipboard, so it does not show all the clipboard contents.

If you want to view all the clipboard data, you should better use another clipboard viewer called ClipMagic [ Free Version Available ] which can show all the data stored in clipboard, it works for all windows versions including windows 7 


It is a powerful Clipboard Extender and Information Manager for storing Images and Text, either automatically or manually in a categorized format, with details of the URL if the text is from an Internet site. It lets you edit, merge and manage your clips.

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