View, Read Hyper Linked Word Definition Preview On Wikipedia Just On Mouse Over [For Google Chrome]

Whenever you are browsing over Wikipedia then the only problem that irritates us is for difficult term used on page needs to send by opening it in a separate location. Once you start browsing over a topic on Wikipedia under a single tab you will up opening around 10 to 15 tabs, because you are supposed to watch all the links for the meaning of a particular word in other tabs. But today with the help of a small tool, I will be helping you to get rid of this problem.


The only constraint which you have is that this will work only with Google Chrome because it is an extension of that browser. Now with the help of this extension you will not have to open any scientific word in another tab which is not known to you, rather you will be able to see that part of summary information as soon as you hover your mouse icon over the hyperlinked words on the page.


You can see the screenshot of the same pasted above this paragraph. If you want to dive deeper into that term then you can go for opening it in another tab or window.The length of the short description will be around 420 to 700 characters and it will surely give you the important content for getting an idea regarding that particular term.

The link to this extension has been mentioned below and you can easily install by clicking the install button over it, the size of the extensions are always small so it will take much time of your and it will make very easy for you to surf over Wikipedia. I hope that those who do not want to work on Google Chrome or who always want to stick with Mozilla will be able to get this same add-on for themselves, but till then you have no other option.So, please let us know if you face any problem while using this extension on your Google Chrome.

Extension For Google Chrome

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