View Post Properties In Live Writer Beta Wave 4

New live writer beta wave 4 has been changed a lot in terms of the UI interface, so for all those old users some times it becomes difficult doing different things with live writer like how to post to draft with new live writer beta wave 4 and other problems with new changed keyboard shortcuts in live writer beta wave 4 

Here is how you can see and access all the post properties, follow the procedure below for the same.

While writing the post, to access all post properties options in live writer beta wave for click the link View all on the top right on the interface where you are writing your post as shown in the image below.


As you can see in the image above, you can set all the other additional options through post properties like Comments, Pings, Author, Slug and can also add password to the post through post properties and then click close button to hide post properties to close properties once you are done.

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