View Photos In Full Screen On Orkut Now

I have always been mentioning that Facebook has Orkut as its best contender when it comes to best Social Networking website in world. Facebook now has 600 million users on their website and that is the reason every time they try their best to maintain this reputation for ever. But Orkut also has been tracking all the changes been introduced in Facebook and then they try their best to introduce is as early as possible on their website also. In this post I will be telling you about the new feature related to viewing the photos on the account.

You can see the snapshot of this new feature in Orkut, while watching the photos of your friends, you will just have to click that highlighted link and then you can see those photographs in Full screen mode with full clarity. Orkut has their largest number of users in Brazil and they will never want to lose their number of users so this time they introduced this feature of viewing the photographs in Full screen mode. Now all the Orkut users will also be able to view the photographs of their friends in their account in Full screen mode. Now this is the new feature which has been added recently on Orkut.

Now Orkut also has this feature for their users and now you can go for using it for your account. They might be little late in introducing this feature but they are still fighting with Facebook for the position. Next time Orkut will have to bring up something new so that they can be in competition for the best social networking website. I hope to see something new on Orkut (even before than Facebook ;)).

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