View Outlook Calendar Events And Tasks Items On Windows Desktop Without Opening Outlook

Many users in their offices, homes or no matter wherever they work uses MS Outlook for their email-accounts. Along with the emails feature, there are many features and functionalities which are available with the MS Outlook which can be used by the users. One of such features is MS Outlook Calendar which is used by the users accessing the MS Outlook. This feature enables the user to add some tasks or to simply schedule their tasks and to set reminders for them. So, if you are also using MS Outlook to mark your calendar or note some tasks then we present a small utility to you which will be a great help for you due to its functionalities and ease of using.

DeskTask is basically a small, simple and a freely available tool which has been developed for windows and it displays all the Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Task items entered by the user on the user’s desktop. This smart tool allows the user to manage all the Calendar items and Tasks straight away directly from the desktop instead of looking in MS Outlook over and over again. One may also customize the tool from the options window, which can be seen and is easily accessible from the system tray. In order to move the items to the app, user simply needs to click and drag that particular item in the calendar or on the task icon.


Although, this tool is pretty simple and easy to use, but one should note that this software has some small and known issues such as during Refresh, the window from the desktop will hide automatically. So, in order to view it back and to restore it, one needs to select Restore Position from the system tray context menu. Else everything looks fine and as said earlier if anytime you want to re-configure it, than you can always change the position and other settings by going to Options menu available from the system tray. It also gives you the functionality through which you may decide and configure the time after which you want it to refresh. Along with these functionalities there are lot more features through which you may assign refresh hotkey, select colour/fonts, and set various options of Calendar and Tasks by simply clicking on to their respective tabs and options.

So, you may try it out, if you are also using MS Outlook. For using it, simply download it frokm the below given link and you will observe that although it is a very small and simple utility but still overall it is a nice utility and helpful especially for those who use MS Outlook 2000/2003/2007 to organize their events via calendar and tasks. It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download DeskTask

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