View, Open .Rar & .Zip Archive Linked On Websites Or On URL Without Downloading Them

There are times when you may want to view or open a zip or rar file linked on a website or these archives are on a public accessible url and you want to view these files online without downloading them, in such case there can be two ways to do it.

Either you can view these files online using the google docs viewer at this page which allows you to view or open a pdf or rar file online without downloading them to your computer, in such case you can just copy the link to those files and copy the direct link pointing to those files to view then using google docs viewer as shown in the image below.

open zip rar file without software

Once you paste the link to the zip or rar archive, it will generate link which you can share via email or embed the file on your blog or get the html code to embed the html viewer on your website as shown in the image below.

7-15-2011 3-11-16 PM

Another way to view these zip and rar files archives without you requiring to copy the link, you can install the new extension called Open ZIP and RAR With GDocs developed by Arpit Kumar [ A Fellow Blogger ].

7-15-2011 3-28-42 PM 

The extension lets you view the files without downloading the file, once you install this extension you can just right click on the link to the file and then you will see the option to open the file in google docs as shown in the image below.

7-15-2011 3-20-36 PM

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