View, Open File Of Any Extension In Windows 7 or Later Using Open Freely

In windows we have different a lot of files formats and hence different file openers for different types of files. Every time we have to open a file we will have to select the respective file opener for that type of file to open the file. In order to solve your problem I have an application named Open Freely which will help you to open all types of files. This software can open all types of files including videos, word files, PDF files , images, songs and many more.

openfreely 1

This is the first window that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The toolbar of the application has options like File, Edit, View and Help. The tool also has the Icon bar which has options to Open a file, Refresh, Save, Save as, Copy, Paste, Zoom Out, Zoom In, Print, Find, First Page, Previous Page, Next Page, Last Page, Edit With Hex Editor, Edit With Resource Editor. All the icons in the icon bar will be enabled based on the file that we open in the software. If we open a image file the Zoom In and Zoom Out icon will be enabled in the icon bar. If we open a PDF file the Find, Print, First Page, Last Page, Previous Page and Last Page will get enabled.

openfreely 2

The File tool bar options has option like Open, Refresh, Save, Save As, Print and many more. Using the open option you can open any type of file with any extension that you want to open. Refresh option will help you to get to the original state of the file if you had made some changes to it. The tool will also provide you the options to Print the file which can be a picture or a text file. Print preview option will give you the properties panel to modify the print settings.

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The Edit menu option has options like Copy, Paste, Find and Edit options. You can perform all the tasks using this this tool on the file that you have opened similar to what you can perform with the file’s respective tool. You can use the Find option to find something in the file and the Find Next option to find its next entry in the file. You also have two edit options i.e. Edit with Hex Editor and Edit With Resource Editor. But in the above case only the Edit With Hex Editor option is enabled. Depending upon the file type the various options will get enabled in this tool.

openfreely 4

The View Menu has options like Zoom In, Zoom Out, First Page, Previous Page, Next Page and Last Page. Shortcuts for all these options are also listed in the menu. The application will help you to various types of files like 3GP, ZIP, CS, ICO, MSG, RESX, WPS, 7z, CSS, INI, NEF, RTF, X3F ,XPS, AMR, CSV, JAR, ODT, SQL, XFDL, XPI, ARW, DEB, JAVA, ORF, SR2, XLS, XML, ASP, XLSX, SVG, XML, ASPX, DNG, DOCX, DOC, EML, DOT, DOTX, ERF, EML, ASPX, FLAC, BAT, FLV, BMP, GIF, C ,GZ, CF2, HTM, CFG, HTML, CR2, ICA, CRW,JPEG, PAGES, JPG, PDF, JS, JSP, PEF, KML, LOG, PHP, MEF, PNG, MID, PPF, MKV, PPT, MOV, PPTX, MP3, PSD, QIF, MP4, RAF, MPEG, RAR, MPG, RAW, MRW, REG, SVG, WMV, SWF, WAV, TAR, VCF, TGZ, VB, TIF, TXT, TIFF, TORRENT.

Download Open Freely.

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