View NTFS Symbolic Links and Junction Point Paths On Windows

A Symbolic Link, Junction Point in windows is a soft link or symlink which is a special type of file that contains the reference to another file or directory in the form of an absolute or relative path. So My Documents, Application Data, Recent, Templates etc are symbolic links which points to a specific path in windows.

NTFSLinksView is displays the list of all NTFS symbolic links/junction points in your profile folder. If you want to view the NTFS links in other folders, simply type the folder path in the top text-box and press enter (or click the ‘Go’ button). It is a portable application which you can take anywhere and use directly through program executable without installing it.


It will show you the symbolic links which exist any windows folder, however it does not allows you to create your own symbolic links. But atleast it lets you know about the path where symbolic links are pointing to. if you want to create symbolic links you can create your own in windows with the help of symbolic links creator.

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