View Local Images On Your Computer In Cool 3D Style With Cooliris In Google Chrome

Cooliris is and extension which is the fastest and most stunning way to browse photos and videos. Effortlessly scroll through media on an infinite 3D Wall that speeds up search on Google Images, YouTube, Flickr, and more. On the infinite 3D Wall, you can effortlessly scroll though thousands of images and videos in seconds without having to click from page to page.

Recently this extension has been released for google chrome as well and now you can not only browse through the images on web but you can see the images and videos from your own computer, in any folder directly by navigating to that folder through cooliris interface.

HOW TO USE COOLIRIS [ View Photos and Videos On Your Local Computer ]
Launch Cooliris from your browser toolbar, click the Cooliris icon appear after installing in google chrome on the right. 


Now click My Computer and browse to the pictures folder on your computer.


Close the left menu to better see the images in 3D Wall Interface


For example, to enjoy Cooliris on Google Images:
1. Go to
2. Search as you normally do, e.g. "mountains"
3. Mouseover any thumbnail image from your search results
4. Click the Cooliris icon that appears (or just click the Cooliris toolbar icon).

1. Open items from the Wall to a new tab by CTRL-clicking "go to webpage" icon
2. Hide/show the Cooliris menu bars by pressing F8
3. Share your 3D Wall view by cutting and pasting its URL
4. Save your favorite 3D Wall view to your browser’s bookmarks or set it as your homepage

We have written a similar tip for cooliris extension for firefox to view photos and images offline on your PC

Install Cooliris For Google Chrome

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