View Live Image Of The Google Search Result With Search Text Highlighted Section

Google is one of the best search engines in the world. If anyone have to surf internet then first search engine that comes into one’s mind is Google. It has been launching the wonderful new facilities which will help you to get better results. Recently, we have mentioned a facility known as Instant Search. Now a days, Google Search provide us a new facility of ‘Instant Previews’ after the Instant Search. The option will make your search a lot faster and easier. It will save lot of your time.

You need Google Chrome or Google toolbar to be installed to avail the facility. If we are doing the search with the help of Google Chrome or Google toolbar for a topic then the results that will come for the query comes with the previews. These previews show us that what features are located on that page. With the help of these we can find that should that the information contained in that page. It is based upon the relevance of the query and the content of the page. You can understand it in the better manner with the help of the example given below.

technix update - Google Search - Windows Internet Explorer_2011-05-04_00-25-23

The snapshot above show the search result of technixupdate. The related results will be displayed as the normal search. But the preview on the right will support to know about the content of the page. Now, you don’t need to open every page and take the help of the preview.

Instant previews show us a visual preview of our queries. The main objective of this application is that we can instantly view the closest matches regarding our queries. We can quickly find the best matches. The other important point of this application that I found is that we can use this application with the documents of Microsoft office like presentations and word documents. The previews are clear and it is easy to recognize that the kind of information that will be available on that page.

The process to be followed is very simple. We just have to put our cursor on any option and the preview of that page will come on the right side of that result. The preview will show us the content in the background of that page and the matching content in the highlighted tab. From my point of view this is very helpful application because with the help of this application any one can save his time and search anything at a faster rate. As we will scroll down the page then the previews will change as the results will keep changing.

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