View Latest Stories On Google News In A Popup In Google Chrome

Many of us are so busy in their work that they do not even get the time to read the newspaper. So, some of them read e-newspaper in their free time to keep themselves updated with the happenings around the world. But, still with so less free time, they cannot keep themselves fully updated and sometimes miss the important news.

Considering this problem, Google has come up with an extension called News Reader which will help display the latest stories from Google News in a popup.

News Reader is a smart extension which will provide you the most recent stories from Google news on any topic you are interested in. When you will install it, it will ask you the access to the data on and all your browsing history. You just have to click ‘Install’.


It will only create problem when run in incognito window because Google chrome will not be able to prevent this extension to save the browsing history in incognito window. So, take care of it.

The extension will be installed in just a few seconds with this icon in the browser toolbar.


Now, you can click on the icon to view the most recent stories from Google News on any topic about which you want to get news. To read a briefing about any of the listed news, you just have to click on the story link and it will be expanded to show more details right in the popup window.

For more news, just click the ‘More stories’ link and it will take you to the Google news homepage.


In the ‘options’, you can edit some settings according to your comfort. For this, click the ‘options’ button which will open a new tab. Here, you can choose the country about which you want to know about. You can also set the numbers of news you want to see in the popup window.

You can also set the topics about which you want to know by just marking on them in the list. You can also customize the topics list accordingly whose maximum limit is only 10. It means you can only add 10 topics of your own.

Do not forget to click ‘save’ after all your changed settings to apply the changes.


Download News Reader

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