View Information Of Internet Connections To Your Computer With Different Programs

Sometimes some of us would like to monitor the network traffic in our systems which would help us to know about the source and destination of the packets, source and destination IP addresses, port numbers and many more things. I have got an application for you named NetworkTrafficView, which would help you to monitor the network traffic in a better way.The tool will help you to know about Ethernet Type, IP Protocol, Source and Destination Ports, Source and Destination IP Addresses, Service name,  Packets properties, Data properties, Processes and many more.

networktrafficview 2

When you will run the software for the first time you will get the above window to select the Network adapter that you want to monitor and the capture method that you want to use on that network adapter. This is the selection that you will have to do when you run the software for the first time, afterwards these settings will be saved in the software for all the subsequent launch’s.

networktrafficview 1

This is the window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The software doesn’t require installation, there is a exe file which will directly run the application. The various toolbar options in the tool are File, Edit, View, Options and Help. The File menu has options like Start Capture, Stop Capture, Save Selected Items, Properties, Clear All Current items and Exit. Start Capture and Stop Capture is used to start and stop the monitoring of the Network Adapter that you selected. The properties option will show you the properties of the selected items in the application. Clear All current Items is used to clear all the items from the list.

networktrafficview 3

The Edit menu has options like Find, Copy Selected Items, Select All and Deselect All. The Find option is used to find a particular item in a list of items. Copy Selected Items is used to copy the selected items. Select All and Deselect All options are used to select and deselect all the items in the list.

networktrafficview 4

The view menu has options like Show Grid Lines, Show Tooltips, HTML Report – All Items, HTML Report – Selected Items, Choose Columns and Auto Size Columns. The Show Grid Lines options is used to show the lines between the grids. The HTML Report – All Items and HTML Report – Selected Items is used to generate the report for selected and all items. You can also choose which column to show from the list of columns like Ethernet Type, IP Protocol, Source Address, Destination Address, Source Port, Destination Port, Service Name, Status, Total Packets Size, Total Data Size, Data Speed, Maximum Data Speed, Average Packet Size, First Packet Time, Last Packet Time, Duration, Process Id and Process Filename.

networktrafficview 5

The options menu has options like Addresses Display mode, Process Display mode, Display Filter, Hide Closed TCP connections, Capture on Program Start and many more.

Download NetworkTrafficView.

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