View Images In Full Or Large Size On Mouseover In Google Chrome

Many times you browse a website which shows some thumbnail of a image, in order to see the image in full size you would either need to click on the thumbnail of the image, or a link which will than show you the image in larger size in a separate window or in a frame. This type of behaviour is happens on sites including Facebook, Google Images, devaintART, Flickr, TinyPic, PhotoBucket, Wikipedia, Twitter etc.

zoomZOOM is a google chrome extension which allows you to view large or full size images when mouse hovers over them. It works on various image hosting sites including all the above mentioned websites.


We have tested this extension, it really works well on all the websites mentioned above, however it does not allow to save the large or full size image which appears on mouseover which according to me looks like a missing functionality.

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Download zoomZOOM addon for google chrome

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