View History Of Internet Explorer Websites Pages Opened

Internet Explorer which is an inbuilt windows web browser, is a series of graphical web browser developed by Microsoft. This web browser was first introduced in Microsoft Windows in 1995 and from then it has become so popular that it is added in all the version of Windows. Internet Explorer like any other web browsers has an inbuilt option to save the history of the web pages which you visit so that you can view all data of your web session and also because saving history makes faster opening of a web page if you open it for second time.

Although there are inbuilt options available in Internet Explorer to view all the details of website visited but there is no option to save those details to your system. So you can use a tool called IE History Viewer. As the name suggest this tool will allow you not only to view history but even to save the log of history to any desired location.

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This is a very simple and light weight utility. This nifty utility is even a freeware, portable and you even don’t require to install this tool. Now when you run on its exe file, you will see the window as shown above.

This tool will automatically scans for all the history i.e web sites you recently visited on your IE and it will show all the data in a very simple graphical interface. So on the left side, it will show you all the name of web side which you visited and on the right side it will show you the detailed path of web pages which you visited.

There is also Refresh button given at top so that you can have fresh data anytime without re-running this tool. You can click on File and from there you will find various option to have a back-up of this history. You can save this history data to any desired location by simply clicking on Save As or you can even print this data directly from this tool by clicking on Print.

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You can even preview any of the link in this tool only. To see a preview of any link, simply click on it and then press Preview button from top. Alternatively you can even click on preview from view. Then this tool will display the preview of that particular link in the bottom left part of screen.

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The size of IE History Viewer is just 31.3 Kb and this freeware requires no installation and you can run it directly from its exe file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and works for every version of IE and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition with IE 9.

Download IE History Viewer

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