View Google Calendar Events Quickly In Google Chrome Toolbar

In a day, we have so much to do that we sometimes forget half the events which might be important for us. So, the best option is to keep a reminder. For the people who works all day in front of their computer either in office or home, usually keeps a mark on their Google calendar but it does not remind us about the event until we go and check it. But while working, we forget to check the calendar and forgets it.

Considering this problem, Google has come up with an extension called Google Calendar which will help in checking the Google calendar easily while working.

When you will install this extension, it asks you the access to your data on all websites and your browsing history. You just have to click ‘Install’.


It will only create problem when run in incognito window because Google chrome will not be able to prevent this extension to save the browsing history in incognito window. So, take care of it.

The extension will be installed in just a few seconds with this icon in the browser toolbar.


With clicking on this button, you can easily see upcoming events from Google Calendar, without ever leaving your working page. Apart from upcoming events, you can also see the calendar events where public holidays are already marked.


The extension also provides the option of adding new events from the websites you visit. It means,  if you are on sites like Facebook or Evite and viewing an event in which you are interested, you can click the toolbar button to instantly add events to your calendar. The button shows a green plus sign whenever there are events on the page you’re viewing that can be added to your calendar.


Now, when you will click ‘add to Google calendar’, it will open a new tab of calendar where you can set the settings regarding the reminder accordingly.


The Google calendar extension detects events only on sites that uses the hCalendar microformat or derivative microformats like hResume. So, it is a nice extension which will help us in reminding about the important events so that we do not miss them.

NOTE: Event detection on Facebook is not 100% reliable because the page markup keeps changing frequently.

Download Google Calendar

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