View Google Cached Pages In Google Search Database

We already written about the importance of cached link in this post, in the previous we mentioned about way to view the Cached page of any website by clicking a link available on the result page in the Google Search, today we will tell you how to view google cached pages in google search database. You might find very easy to use this feature of Google Search, as you generally view one or 2 pages at once when a particular page is down or it has been removed. What if a complete website is down or removed, how will you be to see all the pages associated with the main page link available in the Google Search Results page?


There are certain methods with the help of which you might see them but then it will consume lots of time, it is fine if you want to visit only 1 or 2 such pages but then if you want to ransack a complete website on cached mode then I will suggest you to use a user script known as ‘Google Cache Browser’. We have mentioned the link at the bottom of the post from where you can download and install this user script in your internet browser. This browser will modify all the links available on that page with the cached link provided by Google.

Let me elaborate the difference, if you are opening a website in a cached mode by searching its name on the search engine and then clicking on the cached link on Google Search result page then it will open the cached page of that website, but then if you will click on any of the link available on that cached page then it will not direct the user to another cached page of that link, rather it will navigate the user to a live page of that link, but while doing the same with Google Cache browser you will not be navigated to the live page rather you will be navigated to a cached page.





There is pattern between a normal website link and the cached page link, this user script user will use that pattern and thus convert all the normal links to cached page link. So, this is another best method to view all the cached page in a browser. You will have to use the link mentioned below to install the the user script, if you are using Mozilla Firefox then you will have to install a tool named Greasemonkey and then click the button install available on the page mentioned through the link at the end of the post. After you install that user-script, just search anything on the Google search page and then click the cached link button as mentioned above in then screenshot, now when you will click any other link on that cached page you will see only the cached link.

To disable this feature you will have to disable the script by clicking the small Monkey icon available in the front of your address bar. Once you disable that it will work normally as your browser used to, please let us know if you face any issue while using this script as is little complicated and this link might help you more to use it.

Install Google Cache Browser

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