View Folders As Documents In Windows

Searching the files in your own system, sometimes becomes a headache. Viewing them in normal folder structure and then finding the one for which you are looking for takes lot of time for the users. Thus, for this scenario and as a help for such users, several small utilities are available online which helps in proper sorting and indexing of such files so that they can be searched and viewed easily. Today, we are going to discuss one of the similar utility which can be used for viewing your own files and proper folder structure for them so that they can be properly sorted, indexed and can be searched easily as and when required.

Nemo Documents is basically a small-sized, easy to use, useful and a freely available Windows based application which can be used for inspecting your current folder structure in order to see documents, images and other files present in different folders. All of this stuff can be visualized as if they all are mapped into a calendar-like view. This in fact makes it easy and comfortable for the users to find files according to sequential order. Nemo Documents includes large number of features such as Windows 7 Jumplist and drag/drop support, colored labels, faster document indexing, good file sorting features and many more. These all features together makes it a real useful utility.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and after installing it in your system, you may observe that it provides Windows 7 Jumplist integration as already mentioned, for making it easier for the user to access all files present in the system. This Jumplist feature displays all those files which you have starred and recently opened and that too with just one single click. It also allows you to open your files directly from the Jumplist, instead of taking the detailed path for that particular file.

As already mentioned, the program uses much faster indexing technique as compared to other utilities of its kind. Recently, it has also added support for drag & drop, and now the user may simply drag files from Nemo Documents to other applications and vice versa as well. Thus, in all you get a nice and lot more improved application that has an ability to show 7 days in a week, instead of collapsing weekends as one day and thus displays all your files and folders in a similar pattern. It allows you to configure all these above mentioned options from Settings menu present under the Advanced tab.

Thus, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility with many features integrated into it. You may simply download the utility from the link given below and can easily install it for exploring its features.

Download Nemo Documents

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