View Files, Programs Which Run After Booting Of Windows And Makes Your Computer Slow

Sometimes we come to notice that our system start up time has increased as compared to what it was when we bought it. This can be due to a lot of programs that run at startup after the windows boot is done. The programs that run at startup are none other than the files of the applications that we install, which run after the Windows boot process is over in turn increasing the startup time. In order to improve the start up time of windows you will have to remove these files from the startup. I have got an application named After Boot File Viewer. You can run this application after the booting of your windows and the application will show you the list of all the programs that run at startup.

AfterBoot 1

This is the window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application has the list of all the application that run at startup. The disadvantage of this application is that it only provides you the list of the application’s that run at startup. It doesn’t provide you the way to remove these application from startup. But I have got a windows application for you named msconfig, that will give you the list of all the application’s that run at startup as well as it will help you to remove the unwanted applications from running at startup.

AfterBoot 2

This is the System configuration Window that will open when you will write msconfig in the windows search box and press enter. Microsoft Configuration Utility or msconfig provide you with a lot of options. It has five tabs General, Boot, Services, Startup and Tools. Applications that run at startup are listed under the Startup tab. Startup tab has a lot of information about the programs that run at start up like Startup Item name, Manufactures, Command, Location and Date Disabled. If you want to disable any application that you don’t want should run at startup you can simply uncheck the check box for that application and press OK. The changes will be saved and will get applied from the next time you will boot the windows.

AfterBoot 3

There is a Service tab also in this tool which displays all the services that are running in the system. The tab also tells you about the Service Name, Manufacturer, Status and Date Disabled. If you know all about a service and if it’s not required anymore you can also stop that service from running by unchecking the checkbox that is in front of the service.

Download After Boot File Viewer.

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